Children’s meeting

I’m Sara and I am the Children’s Worker at Lewes Meeting. My role is to offer enjoyable art/craft/food/play activities joyfully grounded in the Quaker Testimonies of equality, peace, simplicity, truth and environmental concern. We offer a warm welcome for newcomers and regulars alike. If you would like your children or grandchildren to join Quaker Children’s Meeting, and/or have questions about Children’s Quaker Worship, please contact me: or call on 07857 058219.

Children’s Meeting is currently happening at The Open Door, rear of, 32 Church Twitten, High St, Lewes BN7 2LU. All children are welcome. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month.

Recent meetings have looked at the Fruits of Quaker Practice by making a collage; we learned a song about George Fox and shared it with Main Meeting; we looked at food poverty and made a cake in a mug.

Parents can join Main Meeting while your child enjoys Children’s Meeting as long as they are settled first. We join Main Meeting by walking down Church Twitten, so will return your child to you.

One child’s feedback: ‘I wish we did stuff like this at school.’

We are open to adults from Quaker Meeting joining in as helpers. This is a valuable form of Quaker Worship.


We feel very fortunate in Lewes because we have had a happy, active and thriving children’s meeting for many years. Our children and parents are a much valued part of our community. We try to demonstrate Quaker values of loving and caring for one another in everything we do, rather than to try and impose a set of beliefs. We aim to make children’s meeting an enjoyable experience and to help older children to explore spiritual and social issues for themselves.

It is our custom to bring children into Meeting for Worship, at the Meeting House, for about the last 10 minutes. To help children to sit quietly we encourage them to bring books or quiet toys into the meeting. Over time children become accustomed to spending quiet time in meeting for worship.

You are welcome to bring your children to any Meeting for Worship on a Sunday morning. Or you might prefer to find out more information before bringing your children. The attached leaflet might answer some of your questions, or fill out our Enquiry Form on this website and someone will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.